Spiritual Indian-American Reflexology or the 9 Mexican points

The 1980s were an era in which the energetic approach was very much in its infancy, and it was around this time that Thérèse CUTTELOD (from Switzerland) learned this energetic technique from a nurse who had returned from Mexico. She was to go on to pass on the technique with great enthusiasm!

This is an energetic-focussed Reflexology that has nothing in common with standard Reflexology. The energy travels from the giver/practitioner to the receiving person. The person is clothed and comfortably set up on the massage table.

The technique involves the fingers being placed on both feet simultaneously, remaining motionless on the very specific 9 zones. They stay for 5 minutes on each zone.

It is a simple method – and yet it is highly effective, and the outcomes are amazing! It is a powerful, gentle way to penetrate right in the core of your Being and to retreat into your very own inner sanctuary and feel the grace of the energy that is given.  

Spellbound by the gentleness of this holistic approach, the person is able to set their internal tensions free and really make the most of this deep relaxation! 

The benefits in a gentle way:

  • deep-down work (at the conscious and sub-conscious level)
  • emotional and energy balance
  • boost in self-confidence
  • change of perception
  • freeing up the headspace, and letting go of old patterns of thinking
  • potential improvement in physiological state
  • spiritual approach and individual manifestation