Universal life energy with spiritual guidance

Reiki is an ancestral wisdom: a simple and natural therapeutic technique that was rediscovered in 1922 by Mikao Usui Sensei, who developed the healing method as we use it today.

Reiki is a Japanese word that combines the two words REI and KI. It is referred to as the “spiritually guided universal life energy”’ that drives all of us and that is at the core of all BEING.

Calligraphie japonaise du mot Reiki

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that draws on a universal life energy, passing through a channel from the giver/practitioner to the receiver. The technique involves the laying of hands, the 3rd eye and the breath.

It is a holistic method that generates feelings of relaxation, equilibrium and harmonisation.

It promotes better health and enhanced Well-being at several levels: the physical (organs, cells and DNA), the energetic (chakras and meridians), the emotional (feelings, desires, creations), the mental (manifestation – the most powerful body at material level) and the spiritual (karma, the subtle Being).

This natural energy is always available, and nurtures our lifes day in day out. It is a response to the laws of harmony, love and wisdom.

Reiki is an energy phenomenon that is independent of every kind of belief we have.

The benefits – powerful and gentle :

  • promotes natural self-healing
  • balances out organs and glands
  • acts on the symptoms and causes of illnesses
  • relieves pain including headaches, digestive problems and back-ache
  • flushes out toxins
  • adapts to the receiver’s natural needs
  • enhances personal sensitivity
  • relaxes the whole person
  • fosters creativity
  • frees up blocked and repressed sentiments
  • helps with meditation and positive thinking

Reiki has no contra-indications, and is not limited by time or space.

Every being – human, animal, plant, place, event, or anything else – can receive Reiki. Distance Reiki travels instantaneously to the desired location.

How a treatment progresses

An initial meeting is arranged in order to understand the reason and purpose of the treatment. It is important to be clear about expectations. The receiver is comfortably set up on a massage table, and the nurturing Reiki energy is channelled by the giver.

The energy that arrives is adapted to the situation in question. A natural release is experienced, and blockages can be eliminated.

The energy can be felt in a particular way: through heat, a sensation of coldness, a stinging feeling, or sometimes even seeing colours or other manifestations – or something nothing at all. Everything is just right.

The sensation does not matter – what matters is that the energy is guided spiritually to its own intelligence, and it will act directly on the right spot. A period of adjustment may be required.