Reflexotherapy – technique with the Aorta Artery

This technique was developed about 20 years ago by Sister Jeanne, born in Switzerland – nun of the congregation of the sisters of Saint Paul de Cartres. She lives and practices in Peru for many years.

Her approach with the Chinese medicine and its 5 elements, her technique to work with the Aorta artery, brings her lots of success. Since 1998 Sister Jeanne and her team have treated 700’00 people!

Due to the importance of the functions of the Aorta artery in the body, this stimulation improves the blood circulation all over the body and lead the blood renewed and rich in oxygen.

Often the aorta is lined with atherosclerotic plaques (accumulated fat) inside the artery.  This can cause a decrease of the blood flow in the human body, and the presence of aneurysm in the aorta particularly in the upper part.

The work on the aorta is done at the beginning of each treatment, to stimulate the blood flow and enriches the traditional Reflexology practice by making it that much more effective.

A well-being is felt immediately. The whole body is sustained and an appeasement is felt rapidly.

The approach with the Chinese medicine and its 5 elements consists to work depending on the individual element of each one (depending on the date/year of birth).

The elements are: FIRE – EARTH – METAL – WATER - WOOD