Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®

Developed by William Lee Rand, founder and President of the International Center of Reiki Training – (ICRT) USA

Karuna® Reiki is rooted in Reiki Usui and Tibetan Reiki, was developed in 1995 and added to in 2014 to become Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki.

William Lee Rand
William Lee Rand

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘action of compassion’. Its purpose is to support self-healing and Well-being.

The Holy Fire energy is markedly more refined, and emanates from a higher level of awareness.

Experiences observed:

  • Holy Fire energy continues to work even when you are not thinking about it, and it spontaneously balances small problems
  • always respects free will
  • relieves physical and psychic pain
  • replaces fear with a feeling of security
  • provides spontaneous guidance in life choices
  • strives to develop healthy personal traits such as: love for the self and love for others, kindness, joy, patience, trust, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism and peace

The best feeling is to feel yourself to be beloved. This is a very nurturing sensation.

Love – which comes from its source is without limit, and so there is no limit to the benefits that can be enjoyed by those that seek to move forward.

Potential – which resides in each of us and around us asks only to be deployed and to reveal itself a little more every day, leading us further forward all the time.

It doesn’t matter what we have already accomplished, and it doesn’t matter if everything is going fantastically for us: there is always a next step to take, a new lesson to learn and a new thing to develop.

The Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki is a healing energy for our world in constant evolution. It is an ideal solution for balancing and harmonising body – soul – spirit.