If you wish to cancel your appointment, please notify me 24 hours ahead by phoning at 079 321 26 01. In this way, someone else will take advantage and you won’t be charged

Gift voucher

Offer a voucher for a session of Reflexology, Reiki or other treatment. To order by email: dora.huegi@gmail.com. Can also be purchased directly from the practice...


As Therapist, I commit myself:

  • To strictly observe professional secrecy regarding my patients,
  • To respect physical and moral integrity of the patient,
  • To recommend a medical appointment to any person presenting abnormal symptoms,
  • To make no medical diagnosis,
  • To interrupt or modify a medical treatment,
  • To prescribe no medications,
  • To stay open to medical and paramedical practices,
  • Not to forget that Reflexology and Reiki are neither medicine nor ideology, but an art in the line of prevention,
  • To continue training myself over time.